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That awkward moment when you completely forget you have a community.

So I acquired this community and promptly forgot I had it. I am so, so sorry. And embarrassed. :|

I'll try to pay attention more often!!


[Shadow's Motorcycle]

[Sonic Adventure 2]

[Game Zones]
[Radical Highway]
[White Jungle]

[Cut Scenes]
[Knuckles & Rouge's Post Battle Scene in Sonic Adventure 2]
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[personal profile] ashlichan2010-09-26 12:08 am


Dropping my claim of Knuckles' hat. And here are my new claims.

[Places/Locations/Whatever you choose to call it]:
[Knothole Village]
[Club Rouge]

[NiGHTS Chao]
[Rouge's Temptation (Extreme Gear air board)]

I'll come up with a fifth later. :D
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Under New Management!

Sonic Et Cetera Claims is officially under New Management, namely, me! The profile has been revised, the claims list is up-to-date, and the journal style has even been brought up to S2. ;)

You may now have up to five claims, but no more than two in a given category: games, zones, items, merchandise, clothes, vehicles, everything but characters (try our sister community, [livejournal.com profile] sonic_claims) and songs (check out [livejournal.com profile] sonic_jams.

Have fun! :D


This is sutkarak and I claimed Angel Island. I was wondering if you could change the name in the info. :D

Bong! :D

May I please claim the game Sonic The Hedgehog 2? (The old 16-bit game for the Genesis, not Sonic Adventure 2 :P)

Thanks very much in advance!


I would like to claim the game Shadow The Hedgehog. THANKS! ^___^


:D I would like to claim Shadow's Shoes! Thank you!

Changing Accounts~

I wanted to inform you that I am moving to my new account natsukii. If you could change my name on the claims list to natsukii, that'd be great (I claimed Amy's Piko-Piko Hammer). I won't be using this account anymore. Thank you very much.


Hello, may I please claim Knuckles' Air Necklace? I'd like that very much. Thank you. ^-^


May I please claim Amy's Piko Piko Hammer? I would adore that. Thank you! ^__^


Id like to claim Shadow's Gun  from ShadowTheHedgehog coming out this year.


I would like to claim the game Sonic Heroes. Thank You!

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hello this is actually the first time I claim something..tee-hee! okay if it would be okay I would like to claim Sonic Adventure DX

that would be great! =)


Oh yeah...is there a limit to claims? ....And am I allowed to double-post like this?? Sorry, it didn't say anything in the rules....^^;; But if I can, I would like to claim.....Shadow's lightshoes!.....I dunno what they're called. *_* So, bye again :)


Hi, I just joined :) I would like to claim the game Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, because I love <3 it soooo much ^__________^ it's got Shadow! *_* *drools*

New lj!

Find me at - [livejournal.com profile] jewelledrose

Yes, I will be joining with it, but I'm keeping the walkman.


Hi people! :D

I'd like to claim...Vector's walkman. :)


I'd like to claim the Bat Crackers, please. ^_^